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Xi'an Zhou-zhi Dragon light dance

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Xi'an Zhouzhi County of world history is ancient capital of Xi'an municipal county, Gyeonggi ZHOU Qin Han and Tang in the name area. Western Han Dynasty home county, according to this 3000 years of history, the mountain song for weeks

Xi'an Zhouzhi County of world history is ancient capital of Xi'an municipal county, Gyeonggi ZHOU Qin Han and Tang in the name area. Western Han Dynasty home county, according to this 3000 years of history, the mountain song for weeks, the song is to water, weeks, hence the name. Historic weeks to earth, has a rich cultural heritage, Zhou Zhilong lamp which is a bright pearl. Zhou Zhilong lamp is mainly distributed in the two Zhouzhi County town, home Zhai Xiang Xin, Guangji town and so on.

The dragon is the ancient Chinese mythology, legends miraculous animal, by the antlers, lion nose, eye of the tiger, ox lip, horse face, claws, scales, snake, Feng Wei and some other combination, is unity, a symbol of good fortune, performance Chinese people rich imagination and wisdom. In ancient times, to the emperor, down to the common people, they are very worship of the dragon, and even self-proclaimed Emperor real dragons, their children and grandchildren called Dragon Dragon Sun, Queen and many more things, "Dragon" title. Even today, although times change, but the impact of the Chinese dragon is still far-reaching. In China, the dragon culture deeply rooted in Chinese people claiming to be descendants, also known as the dragon. Farmers have a special feeling for long, due to the lack of scientific understanding of natural phenomena, people think the cloud and the sea are the dragon, and the dragon is tube rain, dragon Dragon for the prayer of blessing. Thus, in the first month of the first year, dragon dance will include a farmer pray for good weather, bumper harvest, the good wishes of peace and harmony and other long-term handed down. It is said that the dragon dance first appeared in the Yellow Emperor, and since then widely circulated in China.

Xi'an Zhou-zhi Dragon light dance

On the origin of Zhouzhi Long lamp in two different ways

One is that began in the Eastern Han Dynasty. Liu Xiu was killed, passing north of the north gate Um, Wang Mang troops kill, thanks to its guidelines Lao rescue hidden in the Wolong bridge, the result of Wang Mang army into streaky springs engulfed, when it became a white dragon white dragon pool appears . According to legend, the North Temple Lane, a person named Hu twilight go out, see four closed, he want to return around the north gate, at the line to the White Dragon Pool, suddenly saw a white dragon, dragon head on the wall, tied to the tail of the pool water in panic fled scared Hu warehouse. Mangjiang inform the neighborhood, to be the people to the Dragon has been invisible, leaving only the vast clouds. The following year July and August Weihe River rose water, all along the river are flooded village, only North Temple Lone Survivor. Dragon blessing of grace for the newspaper, white dragon pool in west repair Longmiao three, twelve to fifteen Tsui first month, February 2, February 15 North Temple dragon dance people to worship, from generation to generation ever since.

And another that began in the late Ming. In a late Ming, Luo River spillway (Luo River is today Shahe), floating in a river statues, called after three gods, royal villagers of it in the Village, (palace is now Mrs. Wang Walled Village to fill the predecessor) , followed for pension. There is a statue of dragon patterns within the seat, white head, white tail, covered with white, young and old are the village people a sense of security guard heaven-sent Dragon Village, is a sense of dragons grace, then press the map production dragon to dragon dance to worship the gods, pray well-being, bringing custom weeks after the dragon dance will be handed down.

Zhouzhi Long lamp has a long history, a statistically significant

1, rough heroic, king of the wind. Dragon tall, quadrivium dyke. Nine husband sometimes Pleiades dragon vacated first, straight into the fearless; sometimes overlooking the common people; I question on who I? There are imperial palace charm of Harborside. Hardness and softness, can be extended dare song, revealing a bit rough in the elegant feeling, it is amazing.

2, drumming pyrotechnics, magnificent. Dragon dance performances and more burning fireworks add to the fun, lively atmosphere, especially the use of drums and percussion accompaniment, spectacular scenes. Vocal percussion to help Wei, the dragon by the color of God percussion momentum Zhang Yang dragon, dragon dance and drumming to achieve the perfect combination of light art, people relaxed and happy.

3, routine after another, colorful. Whether north of Temple Lane dragon "dragon out of the goal (the East Sea) Three payable (fireworks)"; "Golden Dragon Tengyun bless the world" and other 13 sets of action, or Mrs. Wang Temple dragon of "naughty dragon"; "Chinese dragon" and nine sets of posture, all permeated with the wisdom and sweat weeks. These beautiful dance style after another riveting.

4, Long into the hundred, thanks Cheung send blessing. Zhouzhi Long lamp levy is to be a significant entry into the household dragons, most farmers prefer to have the dragon into his own house, before entering the house, in front of their own furnishings case of God, for pension offerings, burning wax, incense, called the table, kowtow, unlimited piety. Dragon people to meet their demands, it was touching a leader, someone Duron body, someone seeking asparagus, it was Thrawn cloth, to pray for the family peace, physical illnesses, a flourishing population, pass the examination, fortune and so on. All this made their homes crowd of people envy.

Zhou Zhilong light activity agenda

North Temple Lane before the dragon dance in general, please go to the white dragon pool dragon, to be held a grand ceremony Please sedative dragon. Fairchild plunged dragon runes, wearing colored clothes, tight waist yellow ribbon, tied string of bells, pedal cloud hemp shoes, ruffled dragon rod. Long before God case, the dragon worship pension tablets, smell, and wax, table, lit smoke-filled, shiny silver. Later Gun, all bow down to three Koushou. Who led recited the scriptures. To be the real dragon dragon dragon behind can begin.

Spectacular scenes when the dragon. Former percussion to create a momentum, attracting people's attention. Four pairs of rows of lights, 6 meters wide and 5 meters high and 5 meters high gantry dragon column followed, followed by chicken lamps, light fish, shrimp lamp, lamp cicadas, huagudeng, five-pointed star and the like. In this momentum, the battle dragon wagging tail head shake, go home transfer, each tour the streets, sometimes the dragon head vacated, sometimes turned to stand up, and sometimes hold column winding, fog-shrouded field sometimes, and sometimes fire into the sky, sometimes little star the viewer just like the sound of groaning, then stare amazed, Dayton Seoul applause rain ......

After the end of the dragon dance dragon sent home, and send Please Dragon procedures and probably the same, generally carried out in the fifteenth, sixteenth night.

Basic routines are: a gantry dragon (the East) three header (fireworks); Tengyun dragon, blessed world; leisure dragon (licking tail head, tail face); drilling poster; Chan single column; Golden Dragon stand; dragon joy, flowers are in full bloom (put through flower); Jinlong single drill, double drill head and tail; tail rewind, rejoice; Erlongxizhu; mother and Wife (three dragons); dragon plate treasure; Sihai Longwang together thirteen set.

In addition, Mrs. Wang Temple dragon's performance is also very exciting, there are major routines: Naochun dragon, Chinese dragon, the dragon back shell, dragon stand up, play dragon pillars, dragon writhed, Long wagging tail, dragon patrol seas, auspicious days such as Dragon nine sets.

Performers as young adults, divided into three groups rotation, each group of 11 people, 2 executive leader, 2 person executive tail, seven people perform dragon. Pearl 1 person, lantern eight people, eight rows of lights, gantry 5 people, 2 fireworks people, put flowers 2 Lilium 4 people, percussion team of 15 people.

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