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Beijing Badaling Great Wall history

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Badaling is located 60 kilometers northwest of Beijing, longitude 116 ° 65 ', latitude 40 ° 25', is a mountain pass mountainous peaks of the military are mountains. Ming Dynasty, "Chang Hakka" said, "The road from points, extending in all directions,

Badaling is located 60 kilometers northwest of Beijing, longitude 116 ° 65 ', latitude 40 ° 25', is a mountain pass mountainous peaks of the military are mountains. Ming Dynasty, "Chang Hakka" said, "The road from points, extending in all directions, named Badaling, is off the highest mountain."

Beijing Badaling Great Wall history

  Badaling This name was first seen in the Jin Dynasty poet Liu Ying of the poem "late arrival at Badaling, the Titan is a" and "the Badaling." Yuan Dynasty, here known as "mouth of the North," South Side is relative. South Side in the territory of the northern suburb of Beijing Changping county, from north to south exit port, the middle is a 40 mile long canyon, canyon there are the famous Great Wall gateway "Pass", this canyon was therefore called "ditch clearance." Badaling highest in the ditch off the northern tip of the highest point. Here, Jia Zhi two peaks, one in the open, condescending, the situation is extremely advantageous. Badaling Pass from look-down, such as built-Ling, peep as well. "The ancients had Guyan risk, not off the city, and in Badaling," said. Special terrain Badaling Pass, became the ancient battleground, has been stationed at the heavily guarded. Badaling become a military strategic importance, dating back to the Spring and Autumn. According to the "Historical Records" record in recent years, cultural workers and census area have proved Badaling Great Wall built in the Warring States period, and now still see Canqiang, pier remains, its direction, and the next Great Wall Chinese learning broadly consistent record: army had set up all , two Ju Yong Guan City. Northern Wei Dynasty, "Waterways", said: "Ju Yong Pass in circles, it is also the name off, then south Juegu, stone base is off site, Chong Yong Jun walls, non dodge can give ...... its calendar Shannan water, runoff military are community ...... "Therefore, some experts believe that the Chinese home Pass, off site at Badaling. "Guyan" in the name come from? Qin Shi Huang built the Great Wall, a group of poor farmers migrating from the south and the prisoner, to settle in the military are mountains Gui Chuan small basin, called Yong only residence. When the emperor, Gui Chuan will set Guyan County (imitation Yanqing). Off site topography and landscape "Waterways" described flow potential, and the same geographical environment Badaling.

  Fifteen hundred years ago, the Northern Wei Dynasty, who built the Great Wall in Badaling area. According to "Wei Shushi Zu Ji" records, the Northern Wei Tuoba Taiping Zhenjun seven years (446 years), north of the capital Ping Cheng (now Datong), built the Great Wall, called "plug Wai ki" east of the valley are military Hill (ie the Badaling area), west of the Yellow River shore. Later, the Northern Qi Dynasty Tianbao six years (555 years), and built the Great Wall, west of Datong, the military are Shandong go to the Great Wall extended to the beach.

Beijing Badaling Great Wall history

  Badaling Great Wall built in the Ming Dynasty again.

  Ming Zhu Yuanzhang knew important walls in the military, when the emperor, the "high construction of the wall", preparing for fortification, states prefectures, have also Hing Building upon its city. Zhu Yuanzhang sent Great General Xu Da, Feng Sheng led his army in the north building and other plug off the system, the construction of the Great Wall, Dynasty to step up training to prevent yuan remnants southward.

  In 1403, the third Ming Dynasty emperor Zhu Di emperor ascended the throne. In 1420, he moved the capital from Nanjing to Beijing. Zhu Di determination to unify China, has five times Yu Jia foreign crusades, army depth Mongolian Plateau, reaching as far as near the Onon River Soviet Union, now. (After 1488), before starting the vast and comprehensive built the Great Wall project. After 270 years of long years, has a total of 18 large-scale construction project was finally completed by a high wall, east of the Yalu River in Liaoning Province, west of Jiayuguan in Gansu Province west beyond the Bulong Ji, which is what we usually say now Great Wall can be seen. Ming Great Wall total length of more than 14,600 li, after seven northern China provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. In terms of technical level and degree of rigor fortification works were done before the Great Wall can not match. In this sense, we can say this: the Great Wall we see today, was built in the Warring States, Qin Shi Huang connected to the period of Yu Ming Dynasty perfect.

Beijing Badaling Great Wall history

  Ming Dynasty Great Wall, then not a single one wall, but built into "layers of arming" the system of defense in depth, focusing on areas also built a multi-channel walls, pass. Ningxia, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Hebei and other places, are double-track construction of the Great Wall, the Great Wall in Shanxi double-track set will have four more than this. In an important transport military site, the construction of multi-seat multi-channel off the city and a short wall, such as the ten Yanmenguan valley, there are 28 stone, described as "patch of land up barriers at every step."

  Badaling is the witness of many important events in history. The first emperor Qin Shi Huang east Tateishi, from Badaling via Datong, then riding to the Xianyang, while Empress Xiao inspecting, Yuantaizu entry, and from the emperor of the Yuan Dynasty twice a year between Beijing and the capital, the Ming emperor of the Northern Expedition, Qing Dynasty emperor expedition ...... Badaling is the necessary land. To the ancient nobility, poets recite poetry Badaling is endless, leaving the first poems of the Tang Dynasty poet Gao Shi, the poem he wrote, "even under the absolute slope water mountains clouds were high." As for those ethnic strife, armored cavalry years, Badaling is staged scenes of magnificent history of drama. Today, the old Chinese suffering, two thousand years of the history of feudal hegemony, the change of dynasties past, have become distant past. Wall hundred thousand, cultural fifty years, given the age of the Great Wall to the new mission. It is like a valuable historical monument, stands at the top of mountains, shining glory and wisdom of the Chinese Wen Ming, the Chinese nation have emerged unyielding, indomitable spirit and great quality. It became contact people of all nationalities, overseas Chinese and international friends our bonds of friendship. It is a precious cultural heritage of mankind.

  After the founding of new China in 1952, he served as Vice Premier and director of the Culture and Education Committee Comrade Guo proposal to repair the Great Wall, received domestic and foreign tourists.

  Since the Qing Dynasty, the Badaling Great Wall has been increasingly abandoned. Off the west side of the city, "the north gate lock and key," the city of Taiwan, more than half mutilation; to the east, "Guyan outside the town," the city pier crumbling; the walls of the Great Wall of walls, buildings walls, forts, wall units, fortresses and other ruins are . After the restoration of the State Council decision, the authorities act immediately Thereafter, he had multiple repairs.

Beijing Badaling Great Wall history

   In 1961, the State Council and the Badaling pass city walls as a national key cultural relics protection units. In 1984, under Deng Deng Xiaoping, "I love China, I repair the Great Wall" initiative, more ancient impregnable update looks in repairing watch tower 19, the walls of a total length of 3741 meters, the tour with a total area of ​​1.9 million square meters. In 1986, the new Beijing Badaling was named one of six King. In 1987, the Great Wall to accept the United Nations as "World Cultural Heritage." August 1991, the Badaling Great Wall as the essence of the Palace Museum in Beijing, received the certificate of human cultural heritage by UNESCO issued. December 1991 China's 40 best tourist destination contest held in Zhuhai announced the naming of the General Assembly (national candidate spots 94, the recovery of valid votes cast 480 000), Badaling its famous attractions, with an absolute majority of votes 370 000 , China's 40 best tourist destination in the first.

  Famous Badaling Great Wall, known around the world. It is the oldest of the Great Wall open to tourists lots. "He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man." so far. Badaling has received one hundred thirty million Chinese and foreign visitors, there have been 372 foreign heads of Nixon, Reagan, Thatcher, Mikhail Gorbachev, Elizabeth Heath, etc., and many of the world's man of the hour, boarded the Badaling sightseeing. This situation, in beautiful attractions in the world, it is rare. Badaling Great Wall to the visitors, left a deep impression and endless aftertaste.

  Badaling Great Wall, as the essence of the Great Wall, is a majestic old and young, are attracted to greet, an avalanche of world tourists. Landed on the Great Wall of people, everyone is amazing.

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