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Daming Palace National Heritage Park

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Xi'an Qujiang Daming Palace National Heritage Park Management Co., Ltd. Tang laden with memories, filled with modern, Tang Daming Palace this mysterious grand imperial palace, leading the people's thoughts through 1,000 years of time and space fog

Xi'an Qujiang Daming Palace National Heritage Park Management Co., Ltd. Tang laden with memories, filled with modern, Tang Daming Palace this mysterious grand imperial palace, leading the people's thoughts through 1,000 years of time and space fog, feeling prosperous Tang Empire prosperity of glorious history, breathing the fresh green lung of the eco-city atmosphere of Xi'an, ruins the taste of world-class park full of oriental charm.

Daming Palace National Heritage Park

Show endless charm of Chinese Wen Ming to the world

When Tang Daming Palace, ranked first in the long plateau north of the city of Xi'an, it was within the range of the world's most splendid palaces. There was a 17 emperors in this "went to class." It is 4.5 times the Forbidden City, eight times the Louvre, known as the Silk Road Oriental temple. During 200 years of its existence, creating an area of ​​350 hectares, with more than 50 halls and attic fan Huasheng Jing, this is an insurmountable level in the history of world architecture.

Daming Palace ruins of protection is to protect traditional Chinese civilization, it is a diversified existential salvation to world culture. According to the plan, the Daming Palace Heritage Park as the core to form a "bent wings three times," the new pattern in space. "Bent" is the Daming Palace National Heritage Park; "wings" is the North Railway Station Square as the axis, formed in the two major cities transform blocks along the Longhai line; "three circles" is the formation of Weiyang Road, Taihua Road, North Second ring three business circle. By 2012, the formation of a fully functional, beautiful environment, history and culture distinctive modern city demonstration district.

Out of the old circle "on the protection and protection, and to show on the display of" the formation of this large pattern, combined with the characteristics of the ancient city of Daming Palace Ruins Park, historical and modern, economy and culture, inheritance and innovation, improve people's livelihood and enhance city ​​...... all sorts of contrasts with the perfect combination to show contemporary Xi'an internationalization and an open mind, in order to achieve the protection of the premise, to promote the rational development of effective protection, the site protection and urban development harmonious coexistence of new ideas, new ideas.

Daming Palace National Heritage Park

Creative display means to attract world attention

Daming Palace National Heritage Park Conservancy and Exhibition realized by combining the amount of this site protection in general show little seen in the world for international protection ruins to explore advanced experience.

Danfeng door towering, majestic grand Yuan Temple, protection show details all vividly reflects the eclectic Tang mind. Light brown Danfeng Gate is a "site protective shield", visitors can climb the tower overlooking the Danfeng Gate, see the big wall inside and outside scenery can also go to the first floor of the exhibition hall into the interior protection, the vicissitudes of life and shocking to observe ruins . Chongming door in the southeast corner of the region, where the ruins of the river landscape, shallow bed of sand laid in wave patterns, natural style and Ting step quartzite scattered, with sand instead of water, stone on behalf of the island, to borrow a "Japanese-style dry landscape" show the way, very few elements constitute a rich implication, the site reflects the aesthetic and atmosphere of glorious Tang vicissitudes.

In the movie theater park, IMAX3D movie "Legend of the Daming Palace," the special effects, a palace where they stand, magnificent grand. Pavilions, desk and one chair looks as though your fingertips. As if the audience through the history of the door, outside the Tang Dynasty 1,300 years ago.

Daming Palace of long-term farming and construction, has become the site of some underground entity rammed earth floor and rammed earth platform, Heritage Park, logos, interpretative signs, green landscape of ruins the whole show through the structures, while paying attention to the site and the surrounding environment coordination, form the overall style of the park, this innovative and practical for large-scale ancient ruins of the East of civil engineering structures to protect explore a new path.

Traffic Guide

Scenic Area Address: Weiyang District, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province basaltic Road No. 78

Car lines: two sites are located north of the railway station. Yuan Temple ruins 2,216,528,717 bus ride to Tong Lane off, or take the 708 bus to the ruins of Yuan Temple Station. Linde temple ruins take 26,33,36,37,39,107,236,601,609 Road, east and get off at the first Dragon Village Station.

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