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Hong Kong Reunification Monument

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Reunification Monument is located north of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center Plaza, located northeast of the square and "Forever Blooming Bauhinia" sculpture embraced

Reunification Monument is located north of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center Plaza, located northeast of the square and "Forever Blooming Bauhinia" sculpture embraced. Monument 20 meters high, 1.6 meters wide, the foundation consists of three parts, consisting of the pillar and stigma. The monument pillar engraved with Chinese President Jiang Zemin inscribed "Reunification Monument" monument name. Cornerstone of the East and West sides were engraved with Chinese inscriptions and English translation.

Hong Kong Reunification Monument

Shape Description

Monument sea, space around the sunshine time is long, and thus the foundation pillar using the same vein, a uniform and stable solid stone granite dark color, but different surface treated, different textures.

Hong Kong Reunification Monument

Monument of overlapping pillar stone ring 206 is made to represent Hong Kong in the year of 1842 to 2047. Wherein representatives 1842, 1860, 1898, 1982, 1990, 1984, and six years stone ring, using the lighter stone. The only pillar of stone embedded with halo ring, on behalf of the 1997 year, the historic significance of expression in Hong Kong this year, return to the motherland. Pillar radius, incremental changes in the stereoscopic effect.

Monument with a stud system made of wrought copper surface by oxidation treatment, frozen in time. Monument spotlighting provided around the top spot means 4000 watts, with a range up to 10 km. Representative stone ring 1997 is equipped with an optical fiber 32 points, near to see shine like stars, a distance a into the halo. Stigma fiber 48 with a bottom point, shine cylinder. Monument with a stud system made of wrought copper surface by oxidation treatment, frozen in time. After the return of Hong Kong implication, continue to prosper.

Monument inscription

Hong Kong is located in southern China, Hong Kong and Shenzhen clear water, residents clustered Fan Yan, flight-ocean. 1840 After the Opium War, British Gezhan Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and rely on potential lease "New Territories." Hong Kong Reliance Lee intersection things, to promote international trade Freeport, Action to the rule of law, people are diligent, successful business, and have multi-country support, become an international financial trade and shipping center. China a hundred years, has been without hardship, people with lofty ideals, drawing ever recover the land. Since the reform and opening up, national power stronger by the day, China's announced recover Hong Kong in 1997, the great statesman Deng Xiaoping proposed "one country two systems", the wise idea of ​​"Hong Kong people governing Hong Kong" and a high degree of autonomy, Peoples Xin Teng support. Chinese and British diplomatic negotiations, signed a joint statement, the British government agreed to return Hong Kong to China, the Chinese government according to the Constitution provides for the establishment of the HKSAR. NPC is the organized "the Hong Kong SAR Basic Law Drafting Committee" of wide public consultation, submitted to the National People's Congress passed "Basic Law"; set up a "Preparatory Committee", responsible for matters relating to preparations for the establishment of the Special Administrative Region; selection Committee elected the central people's government for appointment as the first chief Executive Tung Chee hwa.

June 30, 1997 at midnight, the Chinese and British governments was held in Hong Kong handover ceremony, the Crown Prince Charles and President Jiang Zemin officiating, remarkable, distinguished guests to the ceremony were thousands of people at home and abroad, hold high the national flag and regional flag , thunderous applause, People's Liberation Army stationed in Hong Kong, Shanhai heavy Hui, Cheng also epoch-making feat. And the second anniversary of this return, the central and the SAR Government will abide by the Basic Law, the residents live and work. The Preparatory Committee decided tree this monument, the Returning festival. The hope of the Chinese people, descendants of Hong Kong people, hard-working and law-abiding heel predecessors in the spirit of patriotism and loving Hong Kong, gradual development of democracy and prosperity were caused, when the Hong Kong international metropolis and cultural center of the majestic South China economic and trade, hanging system and the future, Chang Chi Promise.

Scenic Area Address: Hong Kong's Wan Chai District 1 Expo Drive, Wanchai Convention and Exhibition Center.

Bus routes: Take KMB 373a, 961 KMB way to go.

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