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Hong Kong West Temple

OHTN2017-10-07Aix XinLe
  West Temple, located Lo Wai, Tsuen Wan, Tai Mo Shan back, overlooking Lake Triassic, flowers and trees are green and slowly flowing water, the environment quiet

  West Temple, located Lo Wai, Tsuen Wan, Tai Mo Shan back, overlooking Lake Triassic, flowers and trees are green and slowly flowing water, the environment quiet, even the temple mountain area of ​​nearly 200,000 square meters, president of Bodhi Society Yong Xing old monk was founded in 1970; is the imitation of Chinese palace architecture, glazed tile surfaces, canopies fly steep, majestic; surrounded by hills, trees, picturesque, scenery and elegant.

Hong Kong West Temple

  Hanlaishuwang, years of migration; due to the growing congregation, the temple has a sense is insufficient, so in early 1998 began to rebuild, and 2003 Spring satisfactorily completed. For the antique-style monastery in the middle of the main hall, the lower five View Church, the former King Hall, both sides of the bell tower; hatchback also about two-storey, the upper monk's cell, the lower office and reception room and so on, are antique building, magnificent sight, carved beams and painted neem, antique. After the stairs along the hall, we can see a majestic pagoda poke a quaint and quiet Canon House. Hillside temple has a fully equipped, can accommodate one hundred fifty elderly, "Buddhism Bodhi nursing homes."

  Hill Bridge in front of the original one-way, to accommodate holiday festival gave birth to a steady stream of visitors, after having converted into a two-way, four public and to facilitate vehicular traffic; together with the pattern of the temple after the reconstruction of the West Temple, built for the extension of the gate 4 three arches architecture, the overall effect, even more majestic.

Hong Kong West Temple

  Temple wall along the hillside from the construction of the Guanyin Mountain Culture Expo zone, also in completion in early 2004. The region centered on the temple main hall left after a monk's temple floor wall of the hillside, stretching nearly two or three feet, the slope broad, steep cliffs, mountain Danqi Xiu, is divided into five parts, including: "Lotus Lotus through. Universal Door "carved by; thirty-two of Guanyin should now show relief; Goddess of Mercy forty fingerprints stone; thirty-three popular Guanyin statue; paradise of the natural landscape and dependents murals. The design and layout of Buddhist statues in a classic style as the basis for each part are rich Han Yun's teachings and Buddhist meaning, is the temple architecture and reflects the spirit of the Buddhist religion.

Hong Kong West Temple

  Now double glow pagoda, towering solemn, full of ancient temple style should be appropriate today, weather fresh. Now holds monthly Sevens Amitabha, the Buddha Dharma advocated actively play Pure Land ideas, promote the implementation of the Buddhist philosophy of the world; at home and abroad come to participate Sevens believers of the increasing number of cases of malpractice wind, called the Pure Land temple in Hong Kong important one.

Scenic Area Address: Hong Kong Tsuen Wan Lo Wai.

Car lines: 10-minute walk Zhong Zhizhao Street and Tsuen Wan MTR station, 81 GMB interchange to West Temple.

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