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NewsTaiwanese actress Joe Chen arrested for drink-driving

2018-01-08Aix XinLe0

Taiwanese actress Joe Chen arrested for drink-drivingWhen a police officer in Taipei pulled over a white Mini Cooper early Thursday morning for a traffic offence, he probably wasn’t expecting to see actress Joe Chen behind the wheel…

Scenic spotMacao city of dreams virtual aquarium

2017-12-27Aix XinLe6

Macao city of dreams virtual aquariumMacao city of dreams is an abstract virtual aquarium experience effect, combined with the real image and 3D animation technology, with its ethereal environment, marine life and charming mermaids, visitors can only enter a water dance show wonderful and em…

Scenic spotMacao Taipa Central Park

2017-12-27Aix XinLe2

Macao Taipa Central ParkMacao Taipa Taipa Central Park is located in Chengdu street, in December 31, 2012 opening. A total investment of 440 million yuan Macao Taipa Central Park, is the government with a large public facilities of Taipa development and improving the living envi…

Scenic spotThe history of Macao Dr. Liu Liande gazebo

2017-12-27Aix XinLe2

The history of Macao Dr. Liu Liande gazeboThe history of Macao Dr. Liu Liande gazebo built in 1955, an area of about 2181 square meters. The road is located in Taipa Jialushimiye Scarlett die Templar beside the garden along the slope of trapezoidal design, garden building in white…

Scenic spotMacao Olympic Sports Center

2017-12-27Aix XinLe2

Macao Olympic Sports CenterMacao Olympic Sports Center was completed in February 1997, rebuilt in August 3, 2005 enabled, covers an area of 35585 square meters, suitable for a variety of sports and cultural activities, the track and field to a football game…

Scenic spotMacao Taipa Thean Hou Temple

2017-12-27Aix XinLe2

Macao Taipa Thean Hou TempleMacao Thean Hou Temple is located in Taipa governor Barbosa on the road, the temple was built in the year has no relevant data can be verified, it is assumed that in the process of seeking the temple, tablets may be artificially destroyed…

Scenic spotMacao cross Garden

2017-12-27Aix XinLe2

Macao cross GardenMacao cross garden is located in Taipa Park, completed in 1955. Macao is now eight of the "longhuan Portuguese charm" which is part of the design for a staircase shape along the slope, with pink and white pigment, with Portuguese color…

Scenic spotMacao Morrison Church

2017-12-27Aix XinLe2

Macao Morrison ChurchThe church is located in the East Macao Morrison foundation permanent cemetery in Xinhui site boundary. Built in 1821, rebuilt in 1922, Macao is the oldest Christian missionary…

Scenic spotMacao Kart dromo, De Coloane

2017-12-27Aix XinLe3

Macao Kart dromo, De ColoaneRing road go kart (Kart dromo, De Coloane, also known as Shek Pai Wan go kart) reclamation area is located in Macao Road, Shek Pai Wan ring across the country park, a city of taipa…

Travel routesEasy to ride the city tour Changsha short cycling route recommended

2017-12-22Aix XinLe4

Easy to ride the city tour Changsha short cycling route recommendedChangsha which is suitable for short distance riding route? Easy ride lines have 1, 2 hours to complete? Small finishing five related route for you.NO.1 on line: Hunan Road Bridge, Ocean Lake Wetland Park - Xiaoxiang road - Monkey Shi Daqiao…

Travel routesThe most classic Changsha day travel routes

2017-12-22Aix XinLe4

The most classic Changsha day travel routesThe key sections along the Taiping Street and West arches, Ma Jia Xiang Fu, on both sides of the historic district, street, Xiang Jia Taifu gold…

Travel routesWhere to play in winter. Changsha tai wai shan ski self-drive tour guide

2017-12-22Aix XinLe3

Where to play in winter. Changsha tai wai shan ski self-drive tour guideSkiing is popular in northern Europe and leisure tourism projects in China, tourism, leisure, sports, entertainment, fun and excitement, joy, winter is the most popular holiday leisure projects…

FolkChangsha New Year custom

2017-12-22Aix XinLe5

Changsha New Year customYou know how the Hunan Changsha? I believe many people know Changsha, because the Hunan satellite TV, Hunan radio and television. Changsha is the capital of Hunan, there are a lot of special snack, taste shrimp, Hunan Stinky tofu etc.. I believe Changsha…

FolkWhat is the Dragon Boat Festival in Changsha

2017-12-22Aix XinLe4

What is the Dragon Boat Festival in ChangshaThe Dragon Boat Festival Is the traditional festival in China, will put three days a small holiday, let everybody a reunion. But a lot of friends, the plan will go out to play, relax. If you have time, it is better to go home with the family had a dragon…

FolkWhat are the rules of Changsha marriage customs

2017-12-20Aix XinLe6

What are the rules of Changsha marriage customsTujia wedding have a unique style, the girl to sing "wedding song" in marriage, when the girl and the mother sang songqin "car song", the couple into the bridal chamber, the singer sing "Hershey song" and "outback song". Yao Southwest Hunan "brid…

Travel routesWhere is the Hunan Changsha famous snack street

2017-12-20Aix XinLe10

Where is the Hunan Changsha famous snack streetHunan Changsha is famous tourist attractions, not because of its tourist attractions, but because there is a snack. Most people go to travel, don't forget to eat a big meal there. Then the Hunan Changsha famous snack street where? Xiao Bian today will le…