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NewsEuropean and American pornographic actress data Alisa

2017-11-20Aix XinLe0

European and American pornographic actress data AlisaAlisa Information. Place of birth: Russia Hair Color: Blonde Bust size: Small first seen: 2006 Alias: Alicia in Mplstudios Alisas a girl of endless allure She has a special way of innocently exploring her sexuality while being photographed. Thats not at a…

CateChangsha traditional dishes Braised Pork

2017-11-20Aix XinLe0

Changsha traditional dishes Braised PorkBraised Pork Chairman Mao's hometown is famous because, Pork, where the election is half fat half lean pork, after the pork with cinnamon star anise candy steamed and then fried wok lobster sauce condiments, soy sauce and then add a small amount of fine…

CateChangsha traditional dishes Chop bell pepper fish head

2017-11-20Aix XinLe0

Changsha traditional dishes Chop bell pepper fish headFish head belongs to the Department of Hunan, Xiangtan is a famous dish. With "delicious" and chopped hot pepper of the head of "spicy" as one flavor unique. Dishes bright red color, rich, tender meat. Fat but not greasy, taste Ruannuo, spicy taste…

CateChangsha Liuyang features snack fried rice

2017-11-20Aix XinLe0

Changsha Liuyang features snack fried riceFried rice is one of the specialty Liuyang, Liuyang people love a traditional cuisine. "Fried trump card" fried rice with "Zong Bing tradition, keeping up with fashion, close to nature" for business purposes, take the road of brand, with its unique ar…

CateChangsha features snack duck sauce

2017-11-20Aix XinLe0

Changsha features snack duck sauceHunan sauce Banya are the characteristics of the incense, dry thin little duck, said at most, put a pound on the scale, but rather tough meat, with white words of chewy without charges teeth. Taste salty, a little spicy (if it is not spicy food that is ho…

CateChangsha features snack spring rolls

2017-11-20Aix XinLe0

Changsha features snack spring rollsSpring rolls, Changsha is a traditional folk snacks, has been a thousand years of history.Crispy spring rolls are characterized, soft, juicy and tender. Which according to their own tastes stuffing replacement, prepared by, first the flour with water in t…

Scenic spotChongqing Large round hole National Forest Park

2017-11-20Wes lee0

Chongqing Large round hole National Forest ParkChongqing Large round hole National Forest Park is located in Yongxing Town, Jiang Jin District, 60 km from Jiang Jin city, 118 kilometers Chongqing City. Southeast wind with national spots "surrounded by mountains," the sea, blending the ancient town o…

Scenic spotDasan Bamboo Sea National Forest Park

2017-11-20Wes lee0

Dasan Bamboo Sea National Forest ParkDasan Bamboo is located in the beautiful scenery of the area north of Yongchuan Dasan Bamboo district offices, 56 km east of Chongqing urban area, 50 km west of Dazu Rock Carvings, 271 km away from Chengdu, 72 km south of Luzhou, scenic area of ​​117 squa…

Scenic spotChongqing Zhongshan Old Town

2017-11-20Wes lee0

Chongqing Zhongshan Old TownZhongshan is located in the south of Jiangjin shoots Creek River area, 56 kilometers south of Jiang Jin City, District, Chongqing City, 96 kilometers east of Qijiang County, about 50 kilometers north of Xishui 90 km west of Sichuan Luzhou 120 km. Sichuan,…

Scenic spotYellow water National Forest Park

2017-11-20Wes lee0

Yellow water National Forest ParkHuang Township is located northeast of Shizhu, 240 km away from the main city of Chongqing, 63 kilometers from the county seat pillars, 30 kilometers from Chongqing, Hubei, fish Izumiguchi the junction, 26 kilometers away from Shanghai-Chengdu expressway,…

CateChangsha cuisine cured meat

2017-11-18Aix XinLe0

Changsha cuisine cured meatHunan evaporated preserved meat is one traditional dishes, is to take bacon, chicken December, Layu in a bowl, and chicken broth sauce was added, the pot steamed together. Hunan specialty sausages, mainly pigs, cattle, chickens, fish, ducks and other vari…

CateChangsha features snack Milk Act cake

2017-11-18Aix XinLe0

Changsha features snack Milk Act cakeMilk Act Hunan Chinese pastry cake only made alcohol products, it has been 70 years of history. Initially called "fat cake", a unique new popular food a flavor, that is available by the public favor, flirty stores that sell only at night to attract othe…

CateChangsha features snack cream rice cake

2017-11-17Aix XinLe0

Changsha features snack cream rice cake1910 (Xuantong two years), founder of Jiangyong Shou Tong Jiang Hengshou high quality rice flour, white sugar and malnutrition sugar into fat children with cake, sweet and fragrant, easy to digest, both fat children deworming effect as dairy deep popular.…

CateChangsha features snack rice cakes

2017-11-17Aix XinLe0

Changsha features snack rice cakesChangsha City in Hunan Changsha cake is a famous specialty, from glutinous rice cake, also known as "glutinous millet." Ming, Qing period, Changsha urban Nanhuo food workshops to improve cake produced in the traditional process based on the rice ground…

CateChangsha features snack sugar oil Baba

2017-11-17Aix XinLe0

Changsha features snack sugar oil BabaSugar, oil Baba is Changsha snacks, sugar, oil Baba are cheap, the main raw material is glutinous rice flour and sugar, but pay attention to its sophisticated manufacturing process, there is a special manufacturing process. Although it can not be humble,…

Scenic spotChangsha Yuelu Mountain scenic area

2017-11-17Aix XinLe0

Changsha Yuelu Mountain scenic areaYuelu Mountain scenic area of ​​35.20 square kilometers, including the Foothills area, Tianmashan area, Orange Island area, Taohualing area, Shi Jialing area, stockade Ridge area, the Lake, salty Kingswood attractions such as the eight scenic spots. Plann…