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Hong Kong Mai Po Nature Reserve

OHTN2017-09-30Aix XinLe
Hong Kong Mai Po Nature Reserve is an example of coastal wetland ecosystems, Mai Po mudflats is an important transit point for migratory birds

Hong Kong Mai Po Nature Reserve is an example of coastal wetland ecosystems, Mai Po mudflats is an important transit point for migratory birds. The nature reserve is located in the northeast of Hong Kong and the Pearl River estuary, the Mai Po Marshes and the composition of domestic Bay, an area of ​​1,500 hectares. Inner Deep Bay is the largest wetland in the northwest of Hong Kong, this vast mudflats and wetlands, including mangrove nature reserve, the core area of ​​the main protection of wild animals, every winter there are a large number of migratory birds to enter, including many endangered species, such as black mouth gull, Black-faced Spoonbill and so on. To go to watch, can first apply to the natural world (Hong Kong) Foundation.

Hong Kong Mai Po Nature Reserve

The advent of autumn and winter each year, and became the world's migratory birds. As the canopy of large trees, full of parked egrets, just like full of white flowers on the trees. Gust of wind, egrets take off the trip, come into the blue sky. And to cormorants and other alpine region of Qinghai and other migratory birds have been here leisurely feeding.

Hong Kong Mai Po Nature Reserve in Hong Kong is the most important nature reserves without permission, forbidden to enter. In this protection zone, animals can move freely, most species are extremely rare. Here with a lookout.

Hong Kong Mai Po Nature Reserve

As early as 1976, the Hong Kong government to protect the Mai Po Marshes and set up designated sanctuary, even from the beginning of the 1980s to a high base impoundments back gold 80 million Hong Kong dollars to buy back the original land rights, to 1990 meters Po protected areas of land fully recovered and handed over to the World wildlife Fund management in Hong Kong, the government has funded more than 1 million Hong Kong dollars each year to help run the protected areas, although only open about a year up to 4 million visitors.

Hong Kong since the beginning of 1976, in line with local conditions around the city, the original forest or wetland nature reserve or country park opened, the number has been as many as 21. They not only protect the environment more than 40,000 hectares of country, has become many Hong Kong remaining natural sanctuary for wildlife, but also to make the city increasingly asthma, kidney or lung function is enhanced.

Scenic Area Address: Hong Kong Yuen Long Tam Kon Chau Road.

Car lines: 1. Take bus No. 76K from Sheung Shui MTR Station Exit C to Mai Po village get off at Mai Po Tam Kon Chau village along the road and walk about 20 minutes to reach the entrance will be located within the WWF Parking . 2, take a taxi to the parking lot from the WWF Sheung Shui MTR station.

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