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Guilin local specialty Quanzhou Xiangshan wine

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Statewide mountain wine formerly known as Hunan ancient times "wine Rui Lu" is a statewide Gordon Hill Winery inherit and carry forward the essence of national culture, classic collection of Chinese rice wine created by the culmination of traditional cr

Statewide mountain wine formerly known as Hunan ancient times "wine Rui Lu" is a statewide Gordon Hill Winery inherit and carry forward the essence of national culture, classic collection of Chinese rice wine created by the culmination of traditional crafts folk. In 1963, 1979, 1984, 1989, four times the national tasting was named the national high-quality wine, won the National Quality Silver Medal. Its products in 1997 and 2008 in a row as brand-name products in Guangxi, is one of the largest wine producing Kinds of liquor sales, it was included in the Chinese rice wine flavor liquor on behalf of Wu. Xiang Xiang Shan Shan trademark wine respectively in 1980, 1998, 2003, 2006, 2009 as well-known trademarks in Guangxi, in 2005, China Brewing Association recommended as the national liquor product quality and safety integrity of the brand. Currently Xiang Xiang Shan Mountain brand of liquor sales have reached 15,000 tons, becoming the country's largest rice flavor liquor production and sales base.

Guilin local specialty Quanzhou Xiangshan wine

Jiuse clear and transparent, honey flavor and fragrance elegant, mellow inlet, down the mouth and sweet aftertaste Yee Cheong, songs having style rice cakes (Third National tasting reviews). Song Dynasty Fan Chengda the Syrian statewide rice wine "is doing wonderful wine, sonic booms Huguang" ( "Gui Haiyu Heng Chi wine") demeanor. Its main fragrant wine is β- phenethyl alcohol and ethyl lactate, a traditional wine species of the historic, unique flavor.

The historical origin of wine Gordon Hill

Chinese wine industry has a long history, study the origin, the academic community has still controversial. From the "Historical Records of Yin Ji" King Zhou on the "wine for the pool, hanging meat for the forest", "for the night of drink," the record, and "The Book of Songs" in the "October won rice, for liquor" and "To this end liquor, to Jie-Mei Ting "and other poems analysis, the rise of wine, there are at least five thousand years of history. The wine-related inventions in Chinese folk saying, there are "God wine making that apes brewery, said Yi Di brewery, said Du Kang brewery said," and so on.

1, the state's historical status of pull on the wine. Located northeast of Guangxi Quanzhou County, located in the upper reaches of the Xiangjiang River, Hunan, Guangxi, northern end of the corridor, next to Hunan Province, has always been a fortress of the Central Plains into the South, called the northern gate of Guangxi, its long history and old times, Tianbao of China. Han Yuan Ding six years since the county was founded, has been two thousand years of history, it is the oldest county, Guangxi build. Qin Shi Huang for expansion of Xinjiang, to launch "Qin Shu Lingnan" Battle, spent hundreds of thousands of troops, but also made the county 'taste various people flee, the son-Jia people' hundreds of thousands of reinforcements, a large number of northerners to stay in Kai Ling Drainage stronghold north of the state for several years. After rein Baiyue, Quanzhou County earlier this ground zero Ling County home, home early Han Lingling County, where this rule county 39 kilometers southwest of Phoenix Township Phoenix mouth, this is equivalent jurisdiction throughout the south of upstream water resources Shao Yang, Hunan and east of Guangxi Guilin Yongfu Xiaoshui Xiangjiang River basin between Hengyang County Road, north of Yangshuo local (jurisdiction throughout the three countries after getting smaller, Sui Kaihuang nine years (AD 589) waste. Jianwu Eastern Han Dynasty (AD 25 -55), Gunji moved Lingling Quan Ling (now Hunan Yongzhou City North), is Lingling County, the county in terms of said small Lingling). These historical information on, statewide land, once one hundred twenty or thirty years time is equivalent to half of today's political center of the province the size of the place, its demand for natural wine generally larger than the county, but also wine industry so there will be a greater pull.

According to the "Historical Records", the Chinese ancient times virtuous emperor Shun (Yu Clan, known as Yu Shun) in Lingling died during the trip to the south. What Lingling? That is indeed the Emperor Shun died in this tomb but can not find his place. Zero is not, can not find meaning; mausoleum is the tomb of Italy. If the state put the Xiangjiang River headwaters area known as Qin Shi Huang Lingling from the rule, which is intended as nothing more than a ritual Shun. This is a major event in ancient times, it must have a specific place. According to the Qing "statewide" records, "Yudi Ling in the west twenty Pali, Official Road near the palace there displace, is patrolling at Shun", "Yu future generations to know their track structure," and "Yu Tai Temple in the west ten. " Old Town Quanzhou County also has two temples concubine of Emperor Shun. "Statewide county" records, "two Fei Temple in the South of the city, the level of the early Han Dynasty built." When Tang Yuan and nine rebuilt, writer Liu Zongyuan made "Xiang source two concubines Duanbei" Remember this deposit, "Liu Dong set". In the thousands of years of history, statewide there are many sacrifices at the building, such as the first division Temple of Confucius shrine, enshrine the calendar Renqing Guan Ming Huan Temple and Xian temple, temple loyalty and so on. In addition, the state inhabited by people accustomed to clans, villages hundred homes, ranging from several hundred companies, most of the village each family room has a temple, a shrine Omura often several, for the convenience of the festival and set up. According to the ancient ritual, worship except "Sansheng" shall "Wu Qi", that Pan Qi, Qi sweet wine, Ang Qi, Ti Qi, Shen Qi ( "Zhou day official wine"). "Wu Qi" is "the end of the boil there dregs of wine" for the Zhou Dynasty of worship with wine, Tang and Song dynasties mostly went bad with distilled liquor.

According to the "Report of the Guangxi Cultural Relics and Archeology", Yongzhou Tang Dynasty tomb of Zhao Secretary warehouse buried in 1958 in Quanzhou County Phoenix Township near Bi Village pock out of the soil in (AD 638 years buried), there are celadon wine pot , bowls and other pieces, then Song Yong-year-old township Jiang Anling pit site unearthed the jar, jug, wine glass and debris numerous waste products, it can be inferred, since until Qin Han Dynasty, people across the state is a great sacrifice drinker it certainly is a factor to promote the development of the state's wine industry.

In addition, the traffic channel is located in Quanzhou County Central Plains and the South, but also with the fast development of local wine association. Lie in the Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangdong and Guangxi provinces border the Wuling Mountains, 1000 meters above sea level in general, from the ancient Central Plains region to Guangdong, Guangxi, Southeast Asia, the West (Central Asia, Africa, Europe) go over other traffic Ridge the place is very convenient, only along the Xiangjiang River across the state, to Xing'an Guilin "Xiang-Gui corridor" most convenient, during which the relative altitude equal to the ground a few Lingbei Lingnan, Xiangjiang and Lijiang River has been Lingqu connection, whether on foot or ride boat, very convenient. Is the Qin and Han dynasties, officials from the Central Plains to the southern, mostly business travelers willing to here via external fan to China's businessmen, diplomats, cargo, mostly tribute through here, and because the river from the lake to the state through a period of deep can ship, and from the state to the next period of Xing'an Ling Qu Guilin passable only load one hundred Gok boat (5 tons). South cargo to the state must be dispensed boats, cargo north to the state should Container ship, such as loading and unloading time and manpower needs, of course, there are more people staying statewide. In this way, huge traffic, the state will promote the development of the catering industry, wine industry is flourishing since reasonable.

2, Letters in pulling the wine. Many worthies have wrote poems about drinking statewide. Such as the Song Jiang Jing (Guilin) ​​prefect Fan Chengda farewell to his friends in the statewide Fu's poem: "Peach Blossom rain twilight send wine, Yun bamboo arrows he has in mind." Statewide know the state of the Ming Dynasty, the famous poet (one of Jinling TMK) Gu phosphorus often with colleagues drinking poetry during his tenure, even the banquet placed Liu hill two miles north of the city outside to eat, "Liu drink the mountains," recorded his poetry and wine of the year feelings "the high banks of the wine, charged former Castle, resort worthy of my drunk breeze ashamed Xixian" ...... everyone according to early Qing Dynasty classical poet Xie Liangqi the "Hunan spring Tower" (Hunan spring House in full chow south tower, this waste .) said that the late Ming Suzhou troops across the state to know the state well, "Benedict love of landscape, each to the drinking Jingri." It joined its author alcohol, and then actually number "Hunan wine people," and as "Hunan wine preach" in order from the state, seen at the time wine Wind Moriya.

3, after the liberation, the government promote the development of the wine industry. Statewide Hunan mountain wine is to use ancient traditional craft handed down through continuous improvement brewed, but Gordon Hill wine development and ultimately found it in the new China was founded after. From 1954 to plant now has more than 53 years, the former plant, the late Qing Dynasty Republic of China, the state of the VSC, Xingchang to Xingchang Fils has a considerable scale, the brewing of wine is clear and transparent, pour into the cup since spend more, spend small heap, holding flower long, durable ghost, called "three flowers", pre-liberation, the state's wine industry is emerging, there is the city of Quanzhou County brewery dozen, large distillery there are two co Liao, Wang Dayi, VSC, etc. Xinchang, the rice wine brewing commonly known songs, press divided into three low degree: 50-58 degrees alcohol termed three Huajiu; 30-38 termed bis-alcohol wine ; 22-28 degrees wine referred single wine. After the liberation in 1951, under the leadership of the government, the county's wine began to organize joint workshops, joint venture set up two large wine club, a county board in the bridge (Democratic Road), named the county (Republic of Quanzhou County 2 years to the county in 1959, and then changed to Quanzhou county) associates a wine club; in another county East Gate (road construction), two joint venture for the county's wine club, the manager responsible for Huang Qiyun and Huangshahe Shao water, Tong and other places set up a branch. Due to various factors, a wine club with poor management, on the verge of collapse. July 1, 1954, the county government in order to better develop the wine business in Quanzhou County, was called Chinese tobacco monopoly statewide branch liquor factory, and transferred capsaicin Paul comrades have rich experience in winemaking from the state tax bureau He served as director. In December, the county's state-run liquor processing plant instead of local wineries, and gradually expand the development, in December 1955, in accordance with national private policy change, with two associates statewide wine club merged to form public-private partnerships county wineries. 1956 turn Shao water, Tong, associate branch temple top wine reception, also received Hepingjie original constant, Yu Heng two private wine pharmacy, the county set up a local state-owned liquor pharmaceutical companies, in April 1958, in turn wine pharmaceutical companies merged, renamed the county's local state-owned wineries. And the site moved to the city of Quanzhou County East Gate (now Jianshe Road 1), in 1959 the local state-owned winery changed the county Quanzhou County winery. Since then, the winery expanding production, increasing production, quality continues to increase. At that time the main products ditty rice wine, other liquor even food, wine, supplemented by substitutes. The production of rice wine 58 degrees ditty called "statewide meter three flowers", that is, the predecessor of this wine, "Gordon Hill wine", which is the continuous improvement of the brewing process brewing song produced at the winery. Statewide spent three meters medication song is produced, and Gordon Hill wine is a microorganism isolated through drug song coupled with the introduction of Xiamen pure white Rhizopus Culturing koji and yeast artificial made koji production. After the 1962 statewide meter three perianth autonomous region of Guangxi Light Industry Department as wines, in order to better implement the brand strategy, the county government county, statewide attractions Gordon Temple to name, will spend three meters across the state named Gordon Hill wine and invited artists to Gordon Temple of the wonderful towers designed wine trademark Gordon Hill, 1963 to participate in the second national tasting competitions, was named the national high-quality wine, won the national silver medal (national liquor small first arrangement name). Since then, Hunan, Guangxi Megatron mountain wine, liquor sales by the company transferred to sales throughout the country, production has continued to expand, 1964 the annual output of 135 tons. To protect the brand, Quanzhou County winery on December 1 that year, the Gordon Hill trademark image registration with the SAIC, are still in use. Truly Xiang Xiang Shan Mountain brand announced the official birth of the wine. With the increase also boosted gained fame honor, sales of wine increased, extended to 1640 tons in 1979. In order to enable enterprises to have greater long-term development progress, Quanzhou County winery and the name and country wine quality wine Xiang Shan name associated, as reported to the county government for approval, the "Quanzhou County winery" was renamed "whole Guangxi state Gordon Hill winery, "then, to speed up the pace of production, business management rules and regulations to gradually improve, increasing product yield and quality, in 1981, the development of 2678 tons, reached a peak. Since then, production and sales of enduring, won the majority of consumers. Improve production quality products continue to increase, in 1981, the development of 2678 tons, reached a peak. Since then, production and sales of enduring, won the majority of consumers. Improve production quality products continue to increase, in 1981, the development of 2678 tons, reached a peak. Since then, production and sales of enduring, won the majority of consumers.

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