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The charm of sugar water: reveal the Hong Kong dessert culture

OHTN2017-09-27Aix XinLe
At the beginning of the New Year, the city of causeway bay is lit up with lights at night.In a small street in the back of this famous business center, a small shop door was lined up

At the beginning of the New Year, the city of causeway bay is lit up with lights at night.In a small street in the back of this famous business center, a small shop door was lined up.

The charm of sugar water: reveal the Hong Kong dessert culture

Dew bakyjib na

With a green allele in his hand, it was not a limited commodity, not a promotion, but a bowl of sugar water.Such scenes are not unusual for Hong Kong after nightfall, even a unique night scene.

People in Hong Kong call it "sugar water", and desserts are more important to Hong Kong people than dessert."People in Hong Kong live under a lot of stress. Eating sweets can help people relax and be happier."The storekeeper of the small shop "private room of the con-sister-in-law", feng xiuzhen, said to the reporter.

In the shop, which is about 50 square meters, the laughter and laughter of customers from all over the world are packed.In addition to ordinary people, the star also zhong yi dessert, liu dehua wrote the "sweet sister-in-law dessert" plaque, attracting tourists to take photos.

"Hong Kong people have very little room and friends come out to chat, and the relaxed environment of the dessert shop is a good choice.""Talk to friends," Ms. Liang, a regular dessert shop regular, told reporters as she ate her signature durian crystal beads

Drinking sugar water and worrying can sometimes evaporate like the sugar water.

Sugar water occupies an important position in the system of health maintenance in the pearl river delta.Summer drink green bean sand, horse hoof shuang shuang heat;In the winter, black glutinous rice, red bean paste has the effect of invigorating blood and invigorating qi.

The original sugar water is simply made from various beans, milk and fruit. It is added to the yellow ice sugar, which is slowly turned into a traditional dish, such as sesame paste and sweet potato syrup.Later, it has been improved to include all kinds of fresh fruits and coconut milk, mango juice, submarine coconut, and western rice dew.

The most typical as dew bakyjib na (or Yang Zhijin dew), is mango, grapefruit and the mixture of evaporated milk, sweet mango, grapefruit acid into flowing milk incense, as its beautiful name aftertaste letting a person is boundless.The continuous culture of sugar water has been passed on and carried forward in this way.

Like private kitchens "chung sister-in-law dessert" sweet shop in causeway bay area and loose remember, remember, xu stay full mountain, the five dynasties with sugar, etc., generally will sale of red bean paste, tofu, dumplings, such as traditional dim sum dessert, but also with each store their own research and development of special products, to drink sugar water also became to the port of Hong Kong tourism strategy on the choice of projects.

Xiu-zhen feng set out a copy of their original "longan coconut ice told reporters:" real, real is the main reason for the Hong Kong dessert shop can attract the guests, "so much longan are hand peeling, quite time-consuming."

Early in the morning, Ms. Feng led her workers to the stores, including longan, durian and mango, from the Philippines and Thailand."Peer knows, a bowl of mango dew is likely to be ground into three big mango, a bowl of almond walnut paste may be hand grinding one hour of nuts, only in this way can guarantee the quality of desserts, retain the guest's stomach."

However, the charm of Hong Kong's "keeping guests' stomach" is facing a serious challenge to the growing business rents.Hong Kong's causeway bay has been the world's most expensive retail store for the second year in a row, overtaking New York's fifth avenue and Paris's champs-elysees.

In the face of environmental changes, some sugar water shops choose north China to expand their business, such as full memory, xu stay, and some choose to stay behind.In any case, hopefully the spoonful of warm sugar water will continue to flow through the tip of your favorite food.

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