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Xi'an Eight Immortals Temple antique market

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Xi'an City antiques market, back on a long history of the ancient capital of thirteen, a brilliant and unique domineering king, even if it is a collection of ignorant, nor understand components of the ancient city

Xi'an City antiques market, back on a long history of the ancient capital of thirteen, a brilliant and unique domineering king, even if it is a collection of ignorant, nor understand components of the ancient city.

Eight Immortals Temple Antique Market, also known as the Eight Immortals Palace in Xi'an, the largest Taoist temple - Temple of the Eight Immortals opposite. Stepping into that big antique-style valve, it was a hint of incense air around. Small and delicate about the Eight Immortals Palace, the largest antique market gives the impression left by it. The market is a two-story antique-style wooden ceiling corridors, hallways little, Shop shoulder on both sides to stand shoulder to shoulder with, among more than a dozen large and small stores; go head, it touches small round yard, there are many cm stall. This result makes the terrain from the market point of view, it is flat like a Ming-style blue and white porcelain.

Xi'an Eight Immortals Temple antique market

Market objects, as usual, half-truths, quite a mixed bag. Qing porcelain, Chinese figurines, jade, owner's will not hesitate to tell you the goods, but never directly answer is genuine or fake. So the people in the market, all eyes Diliu turn, look in the mix of tension and cunning, but because most people just "play", so they are losing honest.

Antique Market is the busiest time every Sunday morning "ghost city", said the proportion of true ghost ShangXi goods is higher than 5%. To visit it, it was high time to get up a dark and stormy summer ghost city began around 5:00 in the morning, around 6:30 in winter, into the gap from the back door, a light bulb Ruomingruoan, who join in the shadows together, flashlight, gingerly changed from a sack or sleeve various "things" to. Wait until people can see across the face, and antique dealers who collect things began to disperse, decent stall traders began on the goods

Sales of building wooden antique shops are small but the type of day, archaic bronzes, jade, four treasures, ancient pottery, Tang Sancai, Song Yuanming Qing porcelain, antique furniture and paintings as well as collections and so varied, like a family, like so naturally crowded glass windows, the kind of mundane life attitude of people very sort of intimacy, looking at the heart comfortable.

Xi'an antique, ZHOU Qin Han and Tang is the best embodies the heritage value. Xi'an genuine antique ranks far above the national rate, discerningly buyers can often spend very little money to Amoy valuable real thing here. In fact, not all people visiting the antique market is to pick Taobao leak, would like arty, half a meter tall obesity Tang Dynasty ladies rather abruptly bombards you with a flirtatious, in order to see the museum, "Han figurines rap" sit bare barefoot on the carpet, lifted drumstick, moved back home to go to, but also hundred dollars.

Eight Immortals Temple antique market, and some old bookstall. Although each book stalls are not many, but often can find some valuable books.

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Special Note

1, the weekly Wednesday and Sunday are centralized trading day convention, when various will pick out a few very sort of backing antiques, carefully put out.

2, in addition to the Eight Immortals Temple, Xi'an there are several large scale antique market, such as the Eight Immortals Temple and said Suzaku Road Antique, Antique small East Gate of Daniel, Promise Lane South Road Antique and so on. Tourists generally frequented sleep Lane, on the edge of the Drum Tower. Alley full of small shops selling antiques, snuff bottles, jade, cosmetic, old locks, porcelain, headgear, everything, but these are mostly fake fake, foreigners buy more, so the natives always a a love to ignore the way.

3. If you really want to Taobao, also do not let go of some spontaneous antiques stall at the foot of the walls, though they have some mobility, but the ratio of the real thing is still quite large, I see you have the "eyes" a.

4, when the Xi'an roadside stalls shopping, be careful. Some unscrupulous hawkers specialized goods placed into the triangle, as long as you get, things down, and placed in the bottom of the many things that he arranged in advance, has been broken. Thus, the hawkers will tell you this is how valuable antiques, do not spend a few hundred dollars is not enough.

raffic Guide

Scenic Area Address: Xincheng District, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province Paradise Road (Changle Square)

Car lines: Xi'an, take the 709 bus in the Immortals Temple Station, or take the bus 27,43,102,203 chicken Shui Station City, north through the updated street that is.

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