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Xi'an Bell and Drum Tower Square

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Xi'an Bell and Drum Tower Square, located at the crossroads of East and West 4 Avenue, west of the square stands the bell tower has a history of 600 years, currently stands on the eastern side of the country's largest tower existence. Bell and Drum Towe

Xi'an Bell and Drum Tower Square, located at the crossroads of East and West 4 Avenue, west of the square stands the bell tower has a history of 600 years, currently stands on the eastern side of the country's largest tower existence. Bell and Drum Tower Square, built in the late 1990s, was built at the beginning of the construction will be built on the messy floor between two buildings demolished, the former is difficult to meet the Bell and Drum Tower "meet more delighted" became a big Xi'an landscape, bell and Drum tower Square is a monument to protect and Urban Regeneration of integrated engineering. Environmental art design extends along the "Bells" theme to the past and two-way, to learn traditional Chinese space group scene experience in spatial processing, combined with the theory of modern urban exterior space, providing a "urban living room" for the ancient city of Xi'an.

Xi'an Bell and Drum Tower Square

Xi'an Bell and Drum Tower Square Plaza, also known as the chancery, an area of ​​60,000 square meters, second only to Tiananmen Square in Beijing. According to research, as early as the Tang Dynasty, here it is the highest executive organ of the local chancery implementation of the national government. This is the chancery, six governance, Code collar Baiguan, view into the decree, his assistant, Li Shimin and Emperor Li Longji the country to the most glorious period of feudal society. Green grass lawn, with every stone became nine after nine latitude, not of Chang'an neighborhood checkerboard structure? "Go as thousands of home, like a kind of vegetable bed second Street," the pattern of this city, the capital of Chang'an only have Datang. North of the square, is a row of antique architectural style of the hotel restaurants, one on one next to the lintel, hung with signs of black gilt characters, Gu Pu and elegant, smooth flavor, are all masters of calligraphy are inscribed, showing that seat profound ancient culture.

Across the lawn to the east, it is a sunken square. Here, still a vital part of Bell and Drum Tower Square, an area of ​​over 20,000 square meters. Ten Level down, standing on a huge square paved with stone, feel, it is another round of charm. Look around, not only applauded for such a wonderful idea. From here look up to the bell tower, actually seemed so majestic. The north side is a row of sunken Commerce Street, with all stone into with one Gu Pu, dignified intentions. Descented walked west and entered an amazing world. Really can not imagine, here was actually in the international business of superb modern shopping center. Go in, you will find high-end renovation of its luxury, exquisite commodities, improve service, the facility, so many well-informed visitors surprised. The Bell and Drum Tower Square, sunken pyramid-shaped fountain filled with a colorful splash. Night view of the square, more colorful. Fluctuated drops of water nestled among the blue top of the pyramid seemed to slowly rise. Thirteen ancient capital Chang'an, has created a dazzling brilliance.

Xi'an Bell and Drum Tower Square

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Bell Tower

Bell Tower, located in the city center. Built during the Hongwu seventeen years (AD 1384), the site shifted to its present site in West Street this Guangji corner, Ming Wanli ten years (1582), York became a hub of things, echoing the north-south axis of the building. Former upstairs hanging a large bell for alarm is issued, named "Clock Tower."

  Campanile brick integrally to the main, from bottom to top with a base body and a floor ding three parts. House of wooden structures, deep, wide each three, of "double eaves and three water", "save corners top" architectural forms. Ding to pass from the floor 36 meters high, an area of ​​1377.64 m2. The base is square, 8.6 meters high, the base aspect are surrounded by the middle 6 m each coupon-shaped openings, communicating with the four cardinal points street. House divided into two magnificent buildings, each four corners of the cloister are Ming-chu, Cai Fang fine carved windows and doors, especially the layers are decorated with brackets, caisson, wood, painting, and other classical elegant pattern, is a city with strong ethnic characteristics China and also now able to see the largest and best preserved bell tower. Alice flying eaves corners, such as the wings of birds, various animals beast beast kiss Chinese classical pattern set of layers in the backdrop of glazed tile roof, giving the form of Gu Pu, artistic and elegant, gorgeous colors, structured of beauty. Height ding shining in the sun, make this more ancient building exudes its magnificent unique charm.

And a bell tower on the north side of the step, one hall Zenith "thousand rays" circular pattern is first painted eye, surrounded by the ceiling painted with 184 composed of seasonal flowers, bright bright, vivid. Floor lobby of the west wall are inlaid with inscriptions three parties, the first party is the Xi'an Municipal Government in 1953 after leaving renovated bell tower of the inscription records; the second party is the Qing Emperor Qianlong five years after the overhaul written by the Shaanxi Provincial Governor Zhang regular script " Bell Tower rebuilt in mind, "the monument; the third party by the governor of Shaanxi after Zhonglou Dong Xian Gong Mao moved personally wrote the" Zhong Loudong move song "monument, (which plaque due to the bell tower three hall renovation of the second floor, has now been blocked Showcase live) will reflect the clock tower and appropriate evaluation of the value of the feudal ruling class and political overtones given.

China since ancient times "Spirit repair history, harvest levy," said. Successive governments in the clock tower of the use and protection of scientific management has done a lot of work and dedication: thirty-eight years of the Qing Dynasty Kang Xi and Qianlong dynasty two years and five years respectively, the clock tower was large-scale and large-scale renovation, the new China was founded 50 years has overhauled five times. From August 1956 clock tower was announced Shaanxi Provincial People's Government of Shaanxi Province for the first batch of key cultural relics protection units, to November 1996 and then by the State Council as a national key cultural fabric of public institutions, the baptism of this ancient building of the Ming Dynasty in the war and the vicissitudes of wind and rain have been towering more than 600 winter and spring and autumn. 1984 officially opened 20 years now, the bell tower has been received as Zhu De, Chen Yi, Zhou Enlai, Deng Xiaoping, a large number of party and state leaders; 1999 "millennium" in the dawn of the city as the launch of three major celebrations Center, Xi'an is one of them, and the main event venue is located in the center of the bell tower.

To follow the "protection and rescue first, rational use, to strengthen management" approach to conservation, self-improvement "bell tower" and, at the same time and the rational use of ancient building protection, seize its charm and unique cultural landscape has become my City pull out key tourist hotspots good machine, it plays a better role in the new era. In recent years, the success of the bell tower of Qi Baishi paintings, Ming and Qing word celebrity exhibition, imitation Qin Yue bells performances to woo any of the paintings, the clock tower and other large collections of cultural relics exhibition and exhibition "Bells" antique ceremonial performance, are subject to foreign tourists widespread acclaim and praise, in April 2006, the Bell Tower in the "China most foreigners go 50 scenic spots" selected activities won a silver award.

Xi'an Bell and Drum Tower Square

Belfry giant clock

Clock Tower on the northwest corner of the display with a Ming Dynasty iron bell, weighing five tons, the bell side cast bagua, built in Chenghua years (1465 - 1487). But it is more than the earlier suspension of the clock tower bell was much smaller. Belfry original suspension of the giant bell was cast between King Wan Tang Dynasty "King Wan Chung" (now in the possession Beilin Museum). It is said that, after moved to this site, although the size of the building style has not changed, but also how King Wan Chung knock does not ring. Do nothing, just another change.

Bell Tower is the bell originally hung giant cloud of between Tang Chaojing cast "King Wan Chung," formerly Chang'an City of Long View King (now Xi'an site in this street) used in the early Ming Dynasty moved to the Bell Tower. In 1953 King Wan Chung move to Tibet, Xi'an Beilin Museum, now on display in the Dongting within two years.

Xi'an Bureau of Cultural Relics imitation of King Wan Chung, January 30, 1997 will be hung on the northwest corner of Xian Zhong Louji seat, it is now open to visitors. King Wan Chung imitation appearance similar to the original clock, by 2.45 meters high and weighs 6.5 tons, an outer diameter of 1.65 m bell skirt, decoration, inscriptions resembles the original clock, forceful loud sound, comparable with the original clock.

Xi'an Drum Tower

In the city of Xi'an, comparable with the bell tower of the building when the sisters are Drum Tower, embraced the two buildings away there was a "twin towers" and "civil and military building," said Tang Dynasty poet Li Xian with the poem "less than the bell Drum ear, moon Gounsa situation is hanging "that is exactly two floor fine portrayal.

Xi'an Drum Tower is second only to China's existing buildings of the Ming Dynasty Forbidden City Hall of Supreme Harmony, Changling edge En Temple is a general volume of ancient buildings and similar buildings in our country's oldest and best preserved, in terms of historical value, artistic value and scientific aspects of the crown belonging to the same building.

Drum Tower was founded in Hongwu thirteen years (AD 1380). Located about 200 meters, 75 meters north of the Drum Tower even the word west of the clock tower. Building body is a brick, rectangular, 35 meters high, 52.6 meters east, north and south 38 meters wide. Floor base with a green-brick structure, 8 meters high, the base north-south median Pi are six meters high volume wide arch doorway, Nantong West Street, north through Beiyuanmen. An area of ​​1998.8 square meters, stepping landed has increased from the northwest side of the east side of positive change now.

Drum Tower building structure is two layers, three layers of eaves. Front (south) to seven. Into the deep three, surrounded by corridors depth of each one, according to Ying column from the front was nine, the side is seven, namely ancient building commonly known as the "seven nine." Roof tiles covered with a trim, floor group except tail ends, without other decorative, but filling the forceful and stately.

Drum Tower construction techniques, the application of the Tang Dynasty style, there are a lot of innovation on the basis of the building laws of the Song Dynasty. The whole building a structure without nails, building canopies peace seat brackets are used in construction principle, the appearance of the House of vigorous grand, quaint and beautiful, very endowed strong ethnic characteristics.

The roof is the crown of ancient architecture in China. As early as the Han Dynasty, to create a variety of working people, such as hipped roof, Xie Shan, hanging hill, and other forms of sharp save. In feudal society, the roof has a strict hierarchy, that is a form of double eaves and the ruling class in order to improve their dignity and authority and exclusive: double eaves and hipped most respected, such as the Forbidden City Hall of Supreme Harmony; storeyed mountain views it, such as Tiananmen Square. Drum roof form, i.e. "Shanding" type, and Tiananmen equivalents, but also higher than one meter.

Ancient architectural painting also has hierarchy, and Xi painting is the first and so on; Revolving painting followed; Soviet-style stained-third. We were used and the tower and seal painted Turning painted, and painted with pink dragon Lek. These decorative foil, the Drum Tower Jin Bisheng Hui, magnificent. This was in a Northwest culture, Ming Dynasty military town, not the general philosophical elegant can enjoy.

In 1956, the State Council announced the Drum Tower in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province first batch of key cultural relics protection units: in November 1996, then was listed as a national key cultural relics protection units. Careful protection and exploitation of successive governments, despite wind and rain make this a more ancient buildings brought out a new luster. Drum Tower in recent years, using their own resources to carry out a series of cultural exhibitions on display, such as the Dunhuang mural exhibition, Ming and Qing Furniture, Gabriel drums and other large-scale exhibition coincides with the ancient architecture and achieved wide acclaim. Today, you walk into the Drum Tower, with views of the ancient culture and art performances "static" and "dynamic" intertwined, to taste it implies culture and charm "drum" in Chinese unique "drum" of.

In 2005, with the help of superior leadership and people of the city, I am also on the "civil and military sung" on the Drum Tower, "Shengwen in the day" two fast plaque has been restored, the Drum Tower reproduce past majestic.

Drum Tower today, is Baozhan charm "drum" of the people's thoughts and vision evolved from ancient times to today's wild years, day after day, it will lead guests and friends from here into the history, humanities feel and experience life fun of.

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Eight Guanzhong - Bells

The so-called "Bells" does not strike the bell morning, evening drumming, but to ring the bell first morning, once drumming, drumming first night, after ring the bell. Morning and evening when two hit the drum, called "Xiao drum" and "faint drum", and minutes before the festival, is used as the timekeeping.

If all the sets, also described as a signal to drums. Such as the "fifth of the law," says: "Zhu Biqiubusa, all set from time to time, The Buddha said: If the fight bullock vertebrae, if playing advocating Tony" In addition, the northeast corner of the ancient jungle Hodo trying to drum for the Abbot Church, a small collection of many parameters use; northwest corner of the drum set tea, tea Tang Shiming of halls. In addition, there are ancient jungle drum before Lent in the library Division (also known as cloud drums, drum inquiries, bowl under drum) and bath drums, drums, fire, are not now, but keep drum (hanging in the Drum Tower, the Main Hall or eaves), Po bells and drums (medium and small drums, together with the bell, on the drum rack, with the chant with praise), and tambourine (with handle, only drumhead, no drum to hold in hand , also in line with the chorus of praise with) it.

Opening hours: open all day Square

Bell and Drum Tower (high season) March 26 - October 26 8: 30--21: 00

(low season) October 27 - next year March 25 8: 30--18: 00

Car lines

Plaza Address: Xi'an Center East and West 4 Avenue Interchange

Getting There: There are many bus through the city clock tower; the bell tower at the train station can take 611,603,610 Road Station

Route by car: From Xi'an to north direction, traveling 40 meters along the West Gate Avenue, U-turn onto West Gate Avenue; travel 280 meters along the West Gate Avenue, turn right onto North Main Street; travel 510 meters along North Main Street, go straight enter the roundabout; 60 m along with the island, a first outlet, the right front turn into West street; West street along with 280 meters, 10 meters turn right, go straight into Beiyuanmen; Beiyuanmen along with 50 m, the right front cornering 40 meters over the right side of the Golden century Mall, that is to the left rear corner.

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